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Atheism – just another religion

While professing atheists loudly proclaim a desire for no religion and will actively campaign for that ideal, a little thought will demonstrate that atheism is just another religion.

1. The God of atheism. Man himself takes the place of God in the creed of atheism. The mind of man becomes supreme and sovereign in all determinations. Man becomes his own lawmaker.

2. The Bible of atheism. The fallible and changeable manuals and theories of human scientists take the place of the Scriptures in the religion of atheism. On this shifting, constantly revised foundation atheists stake their faith. This is what they appeal to for support of their views and dogma.

3. The faith of atheism. Atheism demands faith from its adherents. The statement: “I believe there is no God”, or “I am convinced there is no God” is as much a statement of faith as saying, “I believe there is a God.” The same kind of faith is required in both instances!

Far from non-religious, atheism demands religious devotion from its adherents. In reality, it’s just another in a long list of false religions that are the invention of man’s fertile depraved imagination in opposition to God and His truth.

The existence of God – a biased discussion!

Bias is not necessarily a bad thing. We hope that our doctor is biased in favour of healing us when we visit his office and not towards doing us harm!

All of us approach the subject of the existence of God with a bias of some sort. This is what is referred to as a presupposition. This is simply a pre-determined position that shapes our thinking and our arguments.

  • I approach the subject with the conviction that the Bible is true, is the word of God, and the authoritative revelation of all I need to know about God. I am biased in favour of this position!
  • Every atheist comes to this subject with an equal bias—just in the opposite direction! The atheist believes that the Bible is a myth which is to be entirely discounted. Yet, this position is no less of a bias than the view of God that I have. To be biased against something is just as much a bias as to be biased in support of it.

There is, therefore, no such thing as an objective, non-biased discussion of this subject! Though atheists will often make the grandiose claims that they approach the subject of God’s existence in a purely reasonable, scientific and non-biased fashion this is simply not possible.

Each of us must examine our own bias to see if it is reasonable and dependable – especially in the light of eternity! From the Bible-believer’s perspective there is nothing more reasonable that to trust the word of an eternal, infallible God, the One who can only do right and to whom we all will give account at the judgment day and for eternity.

“Facts do not ‘speak for themselves'; they are read in the light of theory”

– Stephen Jay Gould, American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist (1941 – 2002)

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