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Christianity is for the naive and the childish!

“They feel uneducated, which they are, often rather stupid, which they are, inferior, which they are…” - Richard Dawkins, atheist superstar, commenting on Christians’ views about evolution. Read the entire interview here.

In a very different sense than Mr. Dawkins meant, true Christians are ready to agree! (more…)

I can’t prove there is a God…

…to the satisfaction of an atheist, any more than I can convince a blind man that the sky is blue or that snow is white. If he refuses to believe me and wants to believe that either or both are yellow, there is nothing I can do!

The problem for the sinner is NOT that there is no evidence of God, but that he cannot and will not see that evidence.

The Bible tells us very plainly about mankind’s fallen, sinful condition. The sinner’s bias is against God and nothing but a work of grace in his heart that opens the mind to the truth can remedy this situation. (more…)

Which God?

Very often in a discussion about the existence of God the question is asked: But which God? It’s a good question! (more…)

Science – the solid foundation of atheist faith!

The cry of the atheist so often is Science! Not the Bible! Man’s scientific knowledge is advanced as the solid basis upon which any discussion of God or faith matters should be based. In effect science becomes the ‘bible’ of the atheist. But it is worth asking the question: Is what is touted as science such a dependable basis of faith? (more…)

When Christians advance atheism

It might seem bizarre, but there is a very common way in which professing Christians do a great deal to further the cause of atheism in society. It is the responsibility of God’s people to advance the cause of God, not to hinder it by advancing the cause of those who deny God and refuse to acknowledge Him or His word. And yet, very often those who refuse God can claim vindication of their views from the behaviour of professing Christians! (more…)

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